We will try to keep our news updates up to date, but we need your help in letting us know what is going on locally, nationally or internationally. Our contact addresses are shown elsewhere on the site, but our e-mail is ukpatrick@aol.com

July 7th 2019 Unfortunately this page has been neglected over the last year or so. Other pages have carried news of changes, promotions and events, but this page has been left to wither! No More ! Since the end of 2017 we have seen increases in the grade level of our members, with two Sandan’s and several Nidans being promoted, a further ‘linked’ dojo opened its doors and a group of BKA dojo in the UK midlands have come together to provide extra training programmes in Iaido for members, new beginners and provide experience for our mid ranked members to practice and develop ntheir coaching skills. Along those lines Katsujinken now has 7 qualified BKA coaches. The group have been named The Mercian Japanese Sword Group, and has for nearly a year now provided 4 hour training sessions on a monthly basis.

November 11th 2017 Alun Haines was awarded Shodan Jodo and Steve Taylor was awarded Shodan Iaido at the BKA Darlington Seminar. Congratulations to you both.

  • June 11th 2017.   Steve Taylor won the Gold Medal (Ikkyu) at todays BKA National Championships in Sheffield. Congratulations on this great achievement.
  • May  14th 2017.   Again 5 members of Katsujinken Dojo were successful in their grading attempts at the 2017 West Midlands Iaido and Jodo BKA seminars. Gemma Mabon was awarded Nidan in Jodo. Ross Bulloch and Richard Pitt were awarded Nidan Iaido, and Alun Haines and Steve Taylor were awarded Ikkyu Iaido.
  • November 6th 2016,   Three members of Katsujinken Dojo were awarded grade promotions at the BKA Northern Seminar in Darlington, UK. We now have two new Jodo shodans and one new Jodo Ikkyu. Congratulations to you all.The succesful candidates were Ross Bulloch and Richard Pitt, Jodo Shodan, and Alun Haines Jodo Ikkyu.
  • May 8th, 2016   Five members of Katsujinken Dojo were awarded grade promotions at the BKA West Midlands Seminar held in Birmingham, UK. We now have a new Nidan Jodo, a new Nidan Iaido, two new Shodans Iaido and a new Ikkyu Iaido. Well done all ! Cat Wilson achieved Jodo Nidan, Gemma Mabon Iaido Nidan. Ross Bulloch and Richard Pitt Iaido shodan, and Ben Ford Ikkyu Iaido.
  • April 10th 2016  Four members of Katsujinken Dojo were awarded grade promotions at the BKA Spring Seminar held in Cambridge, UK. We now have two new Shodans and two new Ikkyu’s. Jon Shaw and Gemma Mabon received Jodo shodan, and Richard Pitt and Ross Bulloch received Jodo ikkyu.
  • Dec 19th 2015.   Our last class of 2015 was a ‘masterclass’ focussing on Tameshigeri or test cutting, with each member of the group having an opportunity to increase their experience of test cutting, or exerience it for the first time. A very enjoyable close to the year.
  • Sept 12th, 2015     Members of Katsujinken have been invited to give a demonstration at the Reformed United Church  annual fete. This is our Hollywood Dojo site.
  • Aug 2015   Matt Smith awarded 4th dan Jodo at BKA Summer Seminar. Congratulations Matt.
  • May 17th 2015.  Annual West Midlands Seminars for Iaido and Jodo saw the following successes for Katsujinken Dojo. After much hard work by all concerned and the coaches, Jon Shaw was awarded 3rd dan Iaido. Andrew Vasey was awarded 2nd dan Iaido, Ross Bulloch and Richard Pitt both awarded 1st Kyu Iaido. Catherine Wilson (Cat) and Christopher Penfold were both awarded 1st Dan Jodo and Gemma Mabon awarded 1st kyu Jodo. Overall a great day for the dojo.
  • Feb / March 2015. After earlier discussions, Jon Shaw opened Sakura Kan Dojo at our Ullenhall location to provide extra training classes for our Wednesday night class members.
  • Feb 17th 2015.  I was admitted to hospital for a Triple Heart Graft (Bypass) and Aortic valve replacement. Successfully!
  • March 2014.  Matt Smith awarded 4th dan Iaido at the 2015 BKA Spring Seminar.
  • Dec 6th 2013.    No Ullenhall class tonight
  • Nov 17th 2013.  Mike Novak awarded Ikkyu at Darlington BKA Seminar.
  • Nov 8th 2013.   No Ullenhall class tonight.
  • Oct 11th 2013.    No Ullenhall class tonight.
  • Sept 27th 2013.   No Ullenhall class tonight.
  • August 28th 2013. Gemma Mabon was awarded 5th kyu Jodo at a dojo grading  tonight. Congratulations Gemma.
  • August 6th 2013. Christopher Penfold was awarded Ikkyu Iaido (first national grade) at the 2013 BKA Summer Seminar in Stevenage. Congratulations Christoper.
  • May 19th 2013.  All grading candidates for the WM seminar grading were successfull, after a day and a half of training under Fay Goodman 7th dan renshi and Andy Watson 6th dan for iaido, and ‘Harry’ Jones 6th dan for jodo.

For Katsujinken dojo, Mark Hooper was awarded Shodan, and Andy Vasey and Les Howell awarded Ikkyu. Many other midland dojo members were awarded up to third dan. Congratulations all round.

  • May 18th & 19th, 2013   West Midlands 4th Annual Iaido Seminar and West Midlands 1st Annual Jodo seminar are now confirmed as grading to 3rd dan Iaido and Ikkyu Jodo.
  • March 14th, 2013  Congratulations to Nigel Watson on gaining his Nidan (2nd Dan) in Jodo at the BKA Spring Seminar under Ishido Sensei and Yoshihara Sensei, at the University of Bath.
  • Feb 15th. 2013     Elle Bryant was awarded 4th kyu and Andy Vasey awarded 3rd kyu at a dojo grading at Ullenhall Dojo tonight. Congratulations to you both.
  • Feb 8th. 2013    No Class at Ullenhall tonight.