Our members may practice one or all of the arts practiced in Katsujinken Dojo.

Patrick Breheny         4th dan iaido (BKA) 3rd dan Jodo  (BKA)     BKA Regional Coach   DBS Enhanced Cert    Reiki Master

John Golsby              3rd dan Iaido (BKA) 2nd dan Jodo (BKA)     BKA L1 coach ( Now in Spain.)

Matt Smith                 4th dan Iaido (BKA) 4th dan Jodo (BKA)  BKA L1 coach

Jonathan Shaw          3rd dan Iaido (BKA) 1st Dan Jodo (BKA)  BKA L1 coach

Keith Ogden                3rd dan  Iaido (BKA)  BKA L1 coach

Gemma Mabon          2nd dan Iaido (BKA) 2nd Dan Jodo (BKA)

Catherine Wilson       2nd dan  Jodo (BKA)

Ross Bulloch               2nd dan Iaido (BKA), 1st Dan Jodo (BKA)

Richard Pitt                 2nd dan Iaido (BKA), 1st Dan Jodo (BKA)

Ted Foulger                 1st Dan Iaido (BKA)

Mark Hooper               1st dan Iaido (BKA) Mudan Jodo

Mike Novak                 1st dan Iaido (BKA)

Alun Haines                 1st Kyu Iaido (BKA), 1st Kyu Jodo (BKA)

Steve Taylor                1st Kyu Iaido (BKA)

Gerry Connoughton     1st kyu Iaido (BKA)

Becky Vaughan           1st kyu Iaido (BKA)

Leslie Howell               1st kyu Iaido (BKA)

Ben Ford                       1st kyu Iaido (BKA) Mudan Jodo

Jan Novak                    Mudan Iaido

Andrew Norman            Mudan Iaido

Beau Norman               Mudan Iaido

Laurence Davis            Mudan Iaido


All of the BKA registerd dan grades are also registered with the European Kendo Federation, and through the EKF, registered with the International Kendo Federation (Japan) the FIK.

All 1st kyu (BKA) are registered with the British Kendo Association and are Nationally graded.

Any National dan grades other than BKA are verified in the same way as BKA dan grades.