Katsujinken Dojo was formed in 2006, and held it’s first class at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre, in the old building, now the new sites car park. In 2011 we absorbed a small dojo in Ullenhall called Eki Dojo. The members of this dojo were coaches who trained at Katsujinken and Masamune dojo.

The original members were all members of Masamune Dojo, Birmingham, under Fay Goodman sensei, 7th dan renshi Iaido, 6th dan Jodo. Patrick Breheny, supported by John Golsby (now living in Spain), and Graham (Eki) Turner now leading Kajuenkan Dojo in Leominster, were the first members. Graham regularly joins us on Saturdays, at the Hollywood Dojo.

In February 2015, a daughter dojo was opened by Jon Shaw. This was to provide extra training classes for existing members of Katsujinken Dojo and some ex members who could not make Wednesday classes and had been practicing in our Friday night sessions, pre 2015. The dojo is Sakura Kan, and practice was held in our old dojo premises in Ullenhall, outside Redditch, Worcestershire. In 2017 Sakura Kan Dojo moved into Redditch Town centre.

At this time it was decided to restrict the Saturday morning training sessions at Hollywood to senior members, and attendance is by invitation only.

All members of the dojo are members of the British Kendo Association. Through this affilliation we are able to partake in BKA events, which allow us access to British, European and Japanese senior teachers.

We take 1st Kyu and all dan grades (Black Belt grades) through BKA or EKF grading panels. We also take coaching courses and CRB/DBS requirements through the BKA. Grades for beginners, 6th kyu – 2nd kyu are taken within Katsujinken Dojo, awarded by the club instructors.

We offer classes in ZNKR Iaido , also called Seitei Iaido, Traditional Iaido (Koryu) Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu (MJER).

We also offer ZNKR (Seitei) Jodo, and the Omote and Chudan levels of Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu (SMR).

As students advance through their training we introduce the Tachi Uchi no Kurai and the Tsumi Ai no Kurai (kenjutsu), two person attack and defence.

As we develop our SMR Jodo, we hope to add Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu and Tanjo, the 3ft. staff.